Spartan Strong, Ninjas United 

The Solution to Today’s Problems

HS Walk & GHD Sit-ups with Rich Froning & Ben Smith

4 Ways to Hacking Your Next Flight 

  1. Avoid dehydration – drink plenty of water
  2. Pack your own lunch
  3. Wear earplugs to preserve your hearing and reduce stress
  4. Wear compression stockings to avoid dangerous clots

CrossFit at Your Child’s Elementary School

We’ll be seeing more WODs in PE class now. A step in the right direction after taking Soda and junk food machines out.

Pic of Me at the Chinese Weightlifting Seminar

Had a great time getting coached by Jiangping Ma.

We are Chinese Weightlifting

Source: Home – MA StrengthMA Strength

Building Community in Shanghai at Emperor CrossFit 

The Full 2016 COACHES THROWDOWN in South Korea

Took place last weekend

Seoul Survivor 2016 Workout Fast Wedge