Europe Wins the Invitational this Year

Location of the 2017 Games: Madison, WI

The Godfather of American Weightlifting: Mike Burgener

CrossFit Committed of Prague, Czech Republic: Universal Language 

How to Warm Up for Olympic Weightlifting with Greg Everett of Catalyst Athletics 

  1. Wrist circles – both directions
  2. Elbow circles – forward & backward
  3. Seal swings
  4. Over & backs
  5. Freestyle bounce
  6. Arm circles – forward & backward
  7. Trunk rotations
  8. Hip circles – both directions
  9. Bow & bend
  10. Knee circles – both directions
  11. Leg swings
  12. Squatting ankle stretch
  13. Russian baby maker

Does Chasing the Pump Help with Muscle Growth? 

Answer: it might

Question Everything You Know About Fitness from Tim Ferriss

Whether you’re an elite athlete or a restless desk jockey, there are better way to achieve your goals. Just ask 4-Hour guru Tim Ferriss, who started quizzing the world’s greatest performers on their routines as a side project—and ended up with a whole new approach to training.

Source: Question Everything You Know About Fitness | Outside Online

Dmitry Klokov Training Techniques

Team Colombia: Rodallegas, Lopez, and Paredes 

Challenge Wodfest Colombia