Study suggests One Hour of Activity per 8 hours of Sitting 

“…based on a ratio that depends on the amount of sitting you do daily…The numbers come from an analysis based on a very large pool of people, about 1 million adults, 45 and older, from the United States, Western Europe and Australia…show a risk reduction — or even elimination — for your risk of death from heart disease, diabetes and some cancers.”

So there’s something you can do about sitting at your desk job or the couch watching Netflix. To offset of the deleterious effects of being sedentary:

  • 30 minutes of exercise per 4 hours of sitting
  • 1 hour of exercise per 8 hours of sitting

Source: A new formula for exercise? Study suggests 1 hour of activity per 8 hours of sitting – The Washington Post

Home WOD July 24


For time:

3 rounds of:
100 double unders
10 Double KB C&J (32kg)

My time was 12 minutes

The CrossFit Games: California Club: Teens & Masters 50-60+

My Travel WOD 19 July 2016

GPP on the road with my 32 kg KB

For Time:

50 American Kettlebell Swings (32 kg)
50 Burpees
30 American KBS
30 Burpees
20 American KBS
20 Burpees

My time: 14:20

First Time Driving on the West Coast

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 1.19.50 PM

Been gone for a while but back in the swing of things – actually in a transition period right now. For 2 years I was in Korea then Texas in the past 4 months and now I’m moving to Washington state. Took 6 days to drive from Texas to Washington – taking the scenic route through New Mexico, Arizona, Las Vegas, California, Oregon, and then Washington. Aside from stopping at LAX to transfer flights in the past, I’ve never walked around California.

I was amazed of the climate transition here from traveling in Death Valley at 106 degrees to ending up in northern California at 55 degrees. I stayed in San Francisco for one night and left around 10:00 the next morning driving up the scenic route 1 and highway 101 into Crescent City – where I stayed another night. The next day, I drove up Oregon, stopped at Portland, finishing my long journey in the Tacoma area.

Made it just fine here, and I’ve been exploring the area for the past couple of days. My workouts along the journey were bodyweight and kettlebell (32 kg) WODs in my hotel rooms and running around the neighborhood. Haven’t been to Seattle yet at this time – should be going there soon though. Now I need to find a good box to train at.

Reebok CrossFit Nano 6.0 

The Muscle Clean

YouTube comment:

That thing that every crossfit beginner do naturally

Maxing Out Your Mitochondria for Running

The Mitochondria

Since mitochondria, cellular organelles responsible for energy production, are essential in your performance in aerobic capacity, it is vital to train in a way that optimizes their function. This article talks about studies on training methods that stimulate mitochondria differently.

“Sprint workouts of 4-10 x 30 seconds at 200% of peak power did boost mitochondrial power output/function”

“…a more recent unpublished study by the same group put subjects through interval workouts twice a day, seven days a week, for three weeks. This time, a marker of the amount of mitochondria increased by 40 percent.”

So high intensity sprints for powerful mitochondria and volume for an increased number. This fits with “polarized training” elite endurance athletes implement with low intensity training done 80%-90% of the time followed by very high intensity training done 10%-20% of the time.

Source: How to Maximize Your Mitochondria | Runner’s World

Working on my Muscle-Ups

Shaky muscle-ups post-WOD. #muscleup #muscleups #crossfit #crossfitluna

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Training for Fat-Loss

Key Concepts:
-Everything works for fat loss, but as you become more and more efficient at an exercise, the effects diminish.

To lose fat, do exercises you’re bad at. Change things up once you begin to get efficient at a movement.

500-meters is enough for rowing. Any longer, you risk getting too efficient at it and negate the fat loss effects.

-Try two-minute bouts on any cardio machine. Once you’ve improved a lot – time to move onto another machine.

-Instead of resting between sets, do ab or mobility work to torch more fat.