Energy, Sex & Eating Insects with Tim Ferriss

How to Overcome Laziness

Laziness probably stems from a feeling of incompetence in whatever you’re doing – fitness, school, work, etc. The key is to take baby steps toward becoming more competent. Starting out you develop conscious incompetence. In due time you become consciously competent at the task. Finally, you become so good, your competence is unconscious. Your motivation stems from your progress through each stage of competence.

What Functional Medicine can Learn from Crossfit 

Will we be seeing Functional Medicine clinics in our CF boxes in the future? Will these low-overhead, micro-practices improve primary care across the country? Found this podcast interesting as a nurse.

This week on the Evolution of Medicine podcast, we welcome Brian Mulvaney, Director of Strategy at CrossFit. If you’ve been part of our community for awhile, you know that we’re working towards helping create 100k micropractices. Our plan for micropractices very much mirrors the Crossfit strategy – reduce the overhead, empower individuals to become entrepreneurs.

Source: What Functional Medicine can Learn from Crossfit – Functional Forum

How to Improvise when You’re Stuck in the Himalayas 

Love the propane tank swing.

2016 Spartan Race U.S. Championship Series Recap

Tian Tao, Lu Xiaojun, and Liao Hui Snatch Comparison 

Their mobility is a thing of beauty…

Greg Glassman on Beauty and the Functional Aesthetic 

Beauty is defined by one’s functional capacity.

The Original CrossFit Box: Then and Now from the Morning Chalk Up

An interesting read of what the original CrossFit box was like back in 2001 from the Morning Chalk Up – check out there newsletter

It was December of 2001. Greg Amundson pulled up to a 12-foot-tall garage door with small glass windows and thought, something must not be right. It was 5:45 AM, still dark outside and the pounding of weights vibrated across the pavement. A man named Greg Glassman introduced himself. “Glad you made it! You can call me Coach,” Amundson remembers…

Source: The Original CrossFit Box: Then and Now | Morning Chalk Up

Running Triggers Production of a Molecule that Repairs the Brain in Animal Models from ScienceDaily

Another reason to not skip running altogether. If you need a program to follow, go with Aerobic Capacity by Chris Hinshaw.

Source: Running triggers production of a molecule that repairs the brain in animal models — ScienceDaily

Cycling After a Workout Promotes Recovery just as Effectively as a an Ice Bath

Which means your recovery will be far more convenient and cheaper.

Source: Cycling Only 10 Min After Workouts Promotes Recovery as Effectively, Cheaper and More Conveniently Than Ice Baths – SuppVersity: Nutrition and Exercise Science for Everyone