16 Hours in a Box

16 Hours In A CrossFit Gym

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TRIPLE bodyweight Front Squat

Pat Sherwood on CrossFit, the Games and quality of life and longevity

7 of the Best Grip Strength Exercises

1. Sandbell rows
2. Sandbell snatch & throw
3. Sledgehammer swings
4. Tire flip
5. Horizontal and vertical pull-ups and hang
6. Farmer’s walk
7. Hand grip strengthening device

Spot Featuring #BMHP

Already back in the states but will return when I’m back in Seoul one of these days.

Brandy Digre Dropping 100 lbs after 7 Months of CrossFit

Max Stability Work with a Bamboo Bar

Cringeworthy Way on How to Train the Deadlift

When you get your personal trainer certificate in a cereal box.

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Trash Can Jump Fail

Wodapalooza 2016 Results

Here are the top 3 from these divisions:

Elite Individual Woman
1. Brooke Wells
2. Emily Bridgers
3. Kari Pearce

Elite Individual Men
1. Noah Ohlsen
2. Garret Fisher
3. Will Moorad

Elite Team Women
1. Two Grown Ups and a Kid
2. Team Progenex
3. The Ladies of RX Smart Gear

Elite Team Men
1. Athletigen
2. Crossfit Shrewsbury
3. Pump Nectar

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