How Hazardous is Charred Meat to Your Health?

Bench Press Stability

Tonight I’m Going to South Korea’s First UFC Fight Night

My first UFC event actually…

Mark Rippetoe on Lowering Physical Standards for Women in Combat Roles

“Lower Physical Standards, More Body Bags”

Base Building vs. High Intensity for Endurance Training

…Runners are frequently advised to ”build a base” or to return to base building because their base has eroded. By building or re-building a base runners believe that their performance will be enhanced as compared to training that does not include a base building phase. What is base building and is it truly as effective as suggested by many? These were the questions that researchers from the University of Montana, the University of Minnesota, and St. Cloud State University teamed up to answer…Let’s examine their study and its results…

GIFs on Why “Rocky IV” is the Best Movie Ever

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10 Uncommon “Superfoods” from an Accomplished Ultra-Endurance Athlete

They are:
1. Natto
2. Cordyceps (Sinensis) Extracts
3. Tumeric
4. Apricot Seeds & Sprouted Mung Beans
5. Green Coffee Beans
6. Elk Antler Velvet
7. Suma Root & the 4 Ginseng Blend
8. Camu Camu
9. Moringa (Olefiera)
10. Pu-erh Tea

2015 CrossFit Invitational: USA Team

Paying Attention to Your Psychological Health Like Your Physical Health…

Best of Oly Lifting with Barbell Shrugged