Took the Ma Strength Chinese Weightlifting Seminar

Photo with Coach Ma himself!

Learning #chineseweightlifting with Olympian Coach Ma #mastrength

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Heavy SQUATS day

Heavy triple; need to work on depth #squats #legday #powerlifting #crossfit

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Gymnastics: What Do You Want to Do With Your Body? 

Took this course 2 years ago and found lots value in explaining the basics of the hollow position, pull-ups, handstand holds, among other core movements.

The CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer Course sets athletes up for a lifetime of strength and movement. “I’ve got a 70-year-old man who took our course eight years ago who’s almost got a full iron cross,” said Jeff Tucker, subject-matter expert of CrossFit Gymnastics. “He’s 70-plus years old now, and he’s still working his iron cross.” And just as the septuagenarian has strived for almost a decade to perform an iron cross, Tucker and his team have worked to improve the 16-hour CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer Course over the last nine years. Tucker explained that the course has grown organically since its creation

Source: Gymnastics: What Do You Want to Do With Your Body? by Mike Warkentin – CrossFit Journal

A New Understanding of How Movement Decreases Stress

Another reason to train your core, maintain an upright posture, and move around. Like how we think and feel, how we move has an effect on stress levels through neural connections. Motor pathways can directly affect our stress-regulating adrenal glands:

“There’s all this evidence that core strengthening has an impact on stress. And when you see somebody that’s depressed or stressed out, you notice changes in their posture. When you stand up straight, it has an effect on how you project yourself and how you feel. Well, lo and behold, core muscles have an impact on stress. And I suspect that if you activate core muscles inappropriately with poor posture, that’s going to have an impact on stress.”

Source: A New Understanding of How Movement Decreases Stress – The Atlantic

Egyptians Taking to the Streets Again but Now in Workout Gear 

After five years after ousting President Hosni Mubarak and three overthrowing the elected Muslim Brotherhood president and jailing protesters by the thousands, the popularity of fitness is on the rise – namely on bicycles, in kayaks on the Nile, street workouts, and CrossFit on rooftop gyms.

Source: Egyptians Take to the Streets Again, Now in Workout Gear – The New York Times

Nine TED Talks That Will Inspire You To Travel For A Career

I didn’t realize the value of travel and living abroad until my time in Korea and hopping around Asia. Wouldn’t mind trying out a travel nurse gig down the road.

WOD for August 25

Actually did this yesterday.


Snatches (75#,55#)
Wall Balls Shots (#20,#14)

My time was 13:40

Vitamin C Showers and Other Biohacking Amenities Showing Up In Hotels 

Not just for celebrities anymore. New age accommodations will be available for the rest of us in fancier hotels. The vitamin C shower above is supposed to:

… neutralize chlorine and enhance shower water with an essential nutrient and antioxidant that leaves guests with healthier hair, skin and nails.

Source: Vitamin C Showers (And Other New-Age Amenities) Trending In Hotels – Forbes

Greg Glassman on CrossFit, Chronic Disease, and the “5 Buckets of Death” 

Podcaster Ben Greenfield Training On His Obstacle Course in Spokane, Washington

Training on his personal obstacle course on his private property in Washington